Things That Self-Taught Entrepreneurs Bother Us

We are going with those things that self-taught entrepreneurs bother us with:

The frustration of not being able to understand something you are studying on your own.

It is not understood how the self-taught are sometimes belittled if they should rather be admired because they have to learn things without the help of anyone. When you are in the University, any doubt will be answered by the specialist professor in the chair, but when you are learning only by your own means from your home through the internet or books, having doubts becomes something really desperate.

When you say that you are self-taught, they think you are doing something related to an art.

Although in the arts it is an area in which it is common to be self-taught, as well as some of its creative ramifications, such as design or content writing, for the self-taught entrepreneur it is continuous learning of all kinds of disciplines, such as marketing, finance, leadership, social networks, negotiation, sales, logistics, psychology.

In reality, learning never stops, so the self-taught entrepreneur, although perhaps he did not study a traditional career, possibly throughout his life he ends up studying and learning much more than who only graduated and went to work from there.

That they tell you, “but you know a lot not to have studied.”

The term “study” implies acquiring knowledge, not only a university student can be considered, because anyone who decides to learn something new already is, regardless of whether they learn it from home or from a position in a classroom. This statement is not only offensive, but it can also be quite wrong because a self-taught person who researches every day can know much more about his area than someone who has a couple of diplomas hanging on his wall, and also applies in the opposite way so that it is not correct to generalize since everything is relative.

You don’t know what it is to sleep peacefully

When you start a business, you are like your “baby,” and you need care and love 24 hours a day, every day of the year. One of the most important and difficult lessons is learning to delegate and lead appropriately. Meanwhile, we think that like us, and no one will be able to do those 1,200 tasks that we have pending, so finally, sleeping peacefully for 8 hours ends up being a utopia.

We will be so tired sometimes that we will even think that we should have finished our studies and obtained that Administrator diploma, in total, we would have health insurance and guaranteed retirement without having to kill our backs a lot, but then we remember all the greatness that we can achieve by creating our own business, and we realize that we could not have made a better decision. The more it costs you, the closer you are to succeed.

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