How to Convert Your Visitors into Customers

This question has always been and surely will always be the eternal question for both B2B and B2C businesses like e-commerce. The key to the sale is the generation of contacts that later become people interested in our products and services to finally become customers. Depending on the product we sell, the sale process will be more or less fast and complex and most of it can happen in an orderly fashion via a sales funnel. Supporting this funnel, there are two main things you have to know about.

The Content

Content is the cornerstone of lead nurturing, but we are increasingly generating more content.

The agencies have become experts in content generation for the web, for social networks, for blogs, etc. which leads us to find:

  • Blog posts that are basically copies of others
  • Four sentence ideas that stretch to become a 100-page e-book
  • Videos with interviews that do not provide any valuable information
  • Microists dealing with obvious themes disguised in depth

The consequence is that the potential client we are targeting will raise their defenses, making themselves immune to our content creation efforts.

The lesson is that in order to make successful lead nurturing strategies, it will be necessary to create quality content that:

  • Be recognized in your market.
  • Intelligent
  • Useful
  • Entertaining (not fun, but easy to consume)
  • Always consistent so as not to disappoint the customer
  • That it is worth it

To achieve this, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your buyer talking about their needs and problems, not how good you are, and address the issue so that you know how to cross your client’s interests with those facets in which you are better than your competitors.

Don’t forget that content strategies are long-distance races, so you will have to have a coherent strategy and create quality content in a sustained manner over time.

All this is difficult and, in the current situation, even more difficult, but generating quality content is also, in turn, increasingly important.

Buyer Persona

But the best content targeting the wrong person will have no effect. If you prepare marketing content and send it to an IT person, they will not be interested.

The personalization of the messages must take into account both cases: the person and the segment. Sometimes we will use them together and others, separated according to the nature of the communication in each case.

In the case of B2B customers, when a seller contacts the customer directly, the sending of lead nurturing campaigns must be stopped.

Marketing automation platforms allow potential customer behaviors to be used as triggers for personalized content delivery so that we can deliver the right content to the right audience at the best time. This type of communication is always the one that is read the most and the one that interacts the most.

If you implement a good lead generation strategy in the different areas of influence such as events, web, prospecting, email, advertising, etc, you should not forget the purpose, which is none other than turning them into customers.

Between 40 and 60% of the marketing budget should be used for lead generation and the rest for conversion. It is very common to find companies that generate leads and then do not have a strategy or budget to try to qualify and convert these leads into customers.

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