Month: April 2020


Common Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make

Being an entrepreneur requires various skills and knowledge, but above all, effort and perseverance. In such a long way to go, making mistakes is a very big possibility – it is human to fail – but to help you in your entrepreneurial life, we tell you what are the most common mistakes so that you try to avoid them.

  1. Don’t land the idea

Yes, we know that in our minds, everything sounds easier and more beautiful, but when it comes to bringing them to reality, it is when we see that perhaps it is not as viable as we thought. Try to write in a notebook your idea, how to achieve it, what for, what you need and the steps to follow; this will make your entrepreneurship process less complicated.

  1. Do not investigate the target audience

Maybe the product or service you want to offer is great, but if you do not offer it in the right place or to the right people, your sales will probably not prosper, so it is important to know who you are going to offer your product to.

  1. Consider it a hobby

Being an entrepreneur is not just having the idea and a half trying to get it started; it is constant and working on it every day —even weekends—, a business to which you only dedicate your free time is unlikely to prosper.

  1. Ignorance of the laws

No, you do not need to be a lawyer or know the penal code by heart, but you do need to have basic knowledge of the legal guidelines that apply to you, such as Commerce, Labor – especially if your intention is to found a company -, even many others that are necessary to establish a business – use of commercial land, rental contracts, services or contracts with suppliers and customers.

  1. Make bad investments

We always hear that the best thing is to invest because this generates returns for us; however, you have to know how to invest. For example: if you want to start a printing business, obviously you will need the necessary tools and machinery, but it is important to do it little by little, starting with a printer —or up to 2— is good, and as your demand grows, acquire more Do not buy five machines at a pull when surely when you start you will only need one, and you will have the rest resting.

  1. Do not follow up on clients

If you already got someone to buy what you offer, don’t neglect it! The process does not end when closing the sale; don’t just focus on attracting new customers, you must maintain the old ones, from knowing how they are with what they have acquired, their perception of the product or service and their opinion of improvement, this can make the difference between a returning customer – and you recommend— one who switches to the competition.…

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Some Basic Digital Marketing Tips For Growing Your Business

The opportunities they offer for companies and personal brands are huge, so there are some key concepts and strategies you need to know to make the most of them. That is why today, we bring you the best digital marketing tips to grow your business, take the advantages of the changes they have made towards visual content, and prepare to grow.

From spoken to visual

We have reached a point where we are literally saying 1,000 words with a single image, photo, or video. But this is no longer so surprising due to the visual change that is happening around us. And now, with new imaging tools coming onto the scene, more business owners are recognizing the benefits of creating their own images.

This means a great opportunity that every business can take advantage of. If we can learn to use images, photos, videos, and other visual media in our online marketing, then we will have a better chance of reaching more people with our message.

Post frequently

We cannot leave this advice out. Regularly broadcasting content is still one of the best ways to ensure social media projection. Post frequently and remember not to be away for long.

  • Advantages: You keep people connected to your business between each marketing campaign you carry out and ensure that your brand is on people’s minds at all times.

Original and creative content

Every year this becomes more and more urgent. It is incredibly difficult to make yourself known now due to the immense saturation of material on the internet and social media. This means that we should start spicing up posts with infographics, links to messages, and so on. Here is a guide to creating your own original visual content.

  • To create: Use smartphone apps for photos like Instagram, Overgram, or Phonto to take original images relevant to company content.
  • For Editing: Learn how to use quality collage editing programs to create relevant quotes, short tutorials, infographics, and more.
  • To be shared: Create material that you can share on massive platforms like Facebook, containing an educational tutorial or infographic, a SlideShare presentation, an animated video, or any original idea you can flaunt on other social media sites.
  • To grow in the networks: Finally, keep in mind that everything you create is useful and inspiring. Information that helps or inspires is usually one of the most common and shared content, especially on Pinterest and Facebook.

Stay on what you’re good at

It is always better to be very good at something, and only then, venture out and try to get momentum on other platforms. Considering how easy it is to join almost any social network, the idea is that you drive and stay in the one that best suits you. One of the digital marketing tips to grow your business is to stay active, several companies already have completely inactive social media accounts, and that does not look very good, so until you have built your complete business models in one platform initially, you should not extend it to others.

In recent times, providing customer service through social media is increasingly being embraced by large companies. For many brands, it is the only way to go to establish better relationships with the public and increase the reach of their campaigns.

Customer service doesn’t have to be intense, as a business, you could just try to respond to what your customers are saying about the company, good and bad. But the more you do it, and the more you show the public that you are really involved in the conversation about your company, the more people are going to be attracted to your business.…

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