Day: March 27, 2020

Business Awards

8 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Win Business Prizes

Without a doubt, if we have done something well here, it is to win prizes. There have even been people who joked that this really was our business model. As it has been one of the things that have helped us the most, we wanted to share some tips that have helped us win them:

  1. The first thing to be clear if you need prizes or not. The reason is clear; we have to reach the general public; a cheap way to do it is through the communication that is achieved by winning. We also needed a lot of credibilities, as it was a very young company that competed with large companies, and having the backing of prestigious awards had helped us. If we hadn’t needed those two things, we wouldn’t have introduced ourselves to either. Of course, for the pure ego, it would not because it is very time-consuming.
  2. Second, introduce yourself. Yes, it is obvious, but I am surprised by the number of people who complain that they are not awarded prizes, and when you ask them, it turns out that they never participate. It is true that for some award, it is not necessary to present yourself, but you must also make merits to get it, which is an indirect way of presenting yourself.
  3. Have a good story to tell. This is also essential; sometimes it does not just have a good project but how to tell it. We usually make the mistake of talking about technology and product, when people are interested in knowing more about what it solves, how it helps make a better world.
  4. Spend time preparing. Major business awards often require a lot of documentation (which is why a lot of people don’t show up). Be clear that you are going to have to dedicate efforts and resources to that part. For the most important we have needed about two weeks of work. Communicate your project a lot beforehand, the more it may sound to them, it is much better because you save time in explaining it, and you will be able to transmit its contributions, which are often the most important.
  5. If it is an award where there is a public vote, do not hesitate; mobilize your friends and acquaintances. You don’t win just with them, but they add up. Today, thanks to social networks, it is easy to do this, make sure you are on all of them.
  6. Submit to many contests. We have won or been finalists in seven, but we have lost many more. If, after a few, you do not get a result, it is better to check if you are doing something wrong.
  7. Trust luck. There is always something that does not depend on you. You can make all the above points perfect and not win.
  8. And a general key that is valid for this, business and life in general: perseverance.

So cheer up and good luck.…

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