Day: March 13, 2020


3 Essential For Entrepreneurs To Keep Their Businesses Relevant In 2020

We live in hurried times, much more than it has been in years, so we must stop for a moment to analyze how the world is developing today, and of course, we also begin to vibrate at its own pace. 2020 is full of new challenges for us as entrepreneurs in a highly competitive world, but it is also exciting to prepare to surf that great wave of changes that are coming, right?

Based on what is estimated to be the year 2020, we have prepared for you a list of 3 essential tips to take into account so that your business is not a newspaper from yesterday but constant news throughout the year:

  1. Stay connected to your business from anywhere

Well, we start with the obvious, and that is that we are talking about 2020! That “wait until I get home to check” excuse no longer works because we literally have connectivity at our fingertips everywhere. If it is not on our computer, it is on our laptops, but on our smartphone, but on our tablet, and if not even on our watch! There are endless options to stay connected to our business from anywhere, anytime, plus basically, any establishment has free Wi-Fi.

Being able to always be there allows us to be one step ahead of those who are not, so for this coming year, aim to be connected to your customers and all the needs of your business from the wide variety of devices it offers us.

  1. Be present on all payment platforms

And this is aimed at all the managers of a company, physical or online, since every day the cash becomes less important; actually, most of the payment transactions are being executed electronically, so it is estimated that in 2020, this fact will take greater meaning.

We don’t want to give our customers an excuse not to make a purchase, do we? So the most logical thing is that in this 2020 we have available to them as many alternatives as possible so that they can pay for their product or services: points of sale, Paypal, transfers to different international bank accounts, etc.

  1. Apps will be everything, so join the game!

As we said above, there really is no excuse to keep you disconnected, and at this point, we emphasize how important the phone is in these times. Smartphones have become an extension of the arm of most people; let’s be frank; we use it for absolutely everything. We can buy anything out there, pay bills, communicate with someone no matter where they are, and entertain ourselves, anyway! If we could choose a device that is really transcendental and very important, surely the smartphone would win the jackpot.

Thinking about this same fact is that one of our recommendations for 2020 is that your company if it is viable and significant has its own app. Why does it? Because the applications are very easy to use -as long as they are well designed-, in addition to being the perfect pretext to be very close to your customers at any time. Depending on the activity that your brand develops, you can create a very functional app that complements your website.

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