Maija Bissett – Owner of The Butterfly Factory Fitness and Wellbeing

Company: The Butterfly Factory Fitness and Wellbeing
Telephone: 0777 377 0214

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The Butterfly Factory Fitness and Wellbeing offers a variety of services, both mobile and in the gym training as well as sports massage therapy.
• personal training
• small group training
• group exercise classes
• team coaching
• strength and conditioning
• sports massage therapy
• nutritional guidance
Although, I have always loved sports and fitness, I have never found it easy and have had my own struggles with excess weight and the fear of embarrassment to go to a gym. The stresses and demands of work and children taking my time and focus. However, there is no such thing as lack of time, you just have to make a decision. Sometimes you need a helping hand and I would like to share my found passion for wellbeing with you.
I took the brave step and retrained as a PT after losing nearly seven stone and can empathise that there is no singular or typical client journey. We all have different goals. I tried many diets, but it was not until I started strength training, alongside cardio, that I saw a change within my body that I liked. In turn, I love seeing my clients progress. When you reach a milestone, regardless of how big or small, it is a magical moment.
Whilst I was doing my training, I also developed a keen interest in nutrition. I am currently studying for an official qualification, as I believe eating well and training together are integral parts in feeling good and wish to provide my clients’ educated support.
I am also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and can aid in comforting those tired muscles.
I look forward to working with you and will provide you with fun and varied sessions.
Whatever your fitness goal is, I can help!