Getting to know – Kate Barnard

In order to get to know the Bedfordshire BusinessWomen members better, we have been asking them 10 probing questions because it is always useful as business women to find out what wine they prefer, whether they are morning people, and who their ideal dinner guests are.

Kate BarnardAs well as running her own physiotherapy practice, Kate Barnard has been in training for the London Marathon. This Sunday, 26th April 2015, Kate will be pounding the streets of London alongside 30,000 other runners. She is raising money for the Bedford Hospital Research and Education Fund – to sponsor her efforts visit Good luck Kate!

  1. Books or movies?
    Both. I love to read and am reading plenty of books as part of my Happiness project. About to start Beloved by Toni Morrison. I also love a good movie of pretty much any genre, snuggled on the sofa with my husband or with my sons as company.
  2. What was your first job?
    A waitress at the Little Chef on the A1 at Sandy. It was tough!
  3. Call or text?
    I love to chat, so call I guess.
  4. What is the best thing about running your own business?
    Being able to give a quality service without any compromise.
  5. Spring or Autumn?
    Autumn, great time of year for running. Love the colours.
  6. What is your favourite place in Bedfordshire?
    My happiest place is at home with my family. From a running point of view, I love Priory Park and a coffee at The Kiosk after!. I do also love a Mojito at The Embankment.
  7. Personal chef and personal fitness trainer?
    Chef! I’m motivated enough with fitness, but I would happily pass the cooking over.
  8. You can invite 6 famous people, dead or alive, to dinner – who would you choose and why?
    Bill Bailey – because he makes me laugh out loud. Laura Ingalls Wilder – I read The Little House on the Prairie books over and over again as a child, I’d love to talk about her childhood with her. Emily Blunt – she’s a great actress and I want to now how she does that yoga move in The Edge of Tomorrow. Shane Williams – Welsh rugby god. Enough said. Johnny Wilkinson – English but ditto. My husband – he’s not famous but he’d kill me if I had Shane over and didn’t include him.
  9. Cookies or cake?
    Cake. Chocolate, fig and almond cake from Fancy, it’s gluten free and totally amazing.
  10. Top tip for anyone contemplating running a marathon?
    If you’re a non-runner give yourself at least 2 years to build up to a marathon, if you already run 5km and 10km, give yourself about 18 months, it sounds like a long time but it’s easy to watch the London Marathon on the tv and think it looks easy. the training is hard! I spent most of 2014 increasing my distance so that 10 miles felt relatively easy, but also making sure I was running 3 times a week, and with a weekly mileage between 15 and 20 miles by the end of the year. I started the marathon training in January 2015 from a strong base, and so far (fingers crossed) I have managed reasonably well with the training. So Gill, Maureen and Emma should be fine for 2016. They’ll love me for that. Ha ha ha!