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Dementia Awareness Week 2015

The Alzheimer's SocietyThe Alzheimer’s Society, this years President’s Charity are organising Dementia Awareness Week between 17th and 23rd May 2015.

As part of this week of raising awareness of dementia, The Alzheimer’s Society are holding an event at the Harpur Suite in Bedford on Wednesday 20th May, between 9.30am & 1.30pm. There will be a small exhibition of the work that carers and people with dementia have completed to display their journey with dementia and what dementia means to them. There will also be a café and an area where people can talk in private regarding any dementia support issues/concerns.

Throughout Dementia Awareness Week, the Society is encouraging it’s supporters to Do Something New and share & tag their efforts on social media using the hashtag #DoSomethingNew or #DAW2015.

Find out more about Dementia Awareness Week on the Alzheimer’s Society website, where there are ideas of how to get involved and support the charity.

Marie and the 10km Warrior Adrenaline Race

Marie HaywoodAs if last year’s 5km race wasn’t enough, Bedfordshire BusinessWomen member, Marie Haywood has signed up to take part in a 10km Warrior Adrenaline Race. This is not just any 10km race – it includes obstacles, such as a zip wire, giant steps, balance beams & tunnels to name a few and is certainly not for the faint hearted!

The race is taking place this Sunday, 26th April 2015 at Hartham Common in Hertford.

Marie will be raising money for the year’s President’s charity, The Alzheimer’s Society along with her husband, Dean.

To sponsor Marie & Dean, visit their JustGiving page. You can also donate via text – simply text DHMH99 £ (inserting the amount you wish to dontate) to 70070.

Good luck, Marie – can’t wait to see the photos!

The first rule of running club…

The first rule of running club, is that we talk a lot at running club. The other rules of running club are:

  1. Nobody gets left behind.
  2. No apologising.
  3. Be nice to yourselves.
  4. You’re amazing. (not so much a rule, more of a reminder)
BBW Running Club

Gill Lake, Emma Garrett & Maureen Hallett

Last November the BBW running group started, to be honest that first week we were more of a running pair than a group. Gill “Hill Killer” Lake (BBW Treasurer) bravely put herself in the hands of a beginner coach, and let me lead her in the first of our runs, week 1 of couch to 5k. The weeks progressed and very soon Emma “The Hare” Garrett (President of BBW) had joined us, and then Maureen “No Brakes” Hallett (BBW Membership secretary) also threw her hat in the ring. The aim of our group was to get fit, get running and raise some money for The Primrose Unit Research and Education Fund by raising sponsorship for a 5km race.

The couch to 5k schedule is a great way to start running, from my (Physiotherapy) point of view, I can see how it’s been carefully put together to gradually increase time on feet and running time safely and with little risk of injury. The ladies stormed through the C25k schedule and all completed Parkrun at Bedford Park by January 2014. There were weeks when it wasn’t easy. It was incredibly daunting at times, but these ladies have refused to be beaten. In fact as we made our way towards our initial goal of 5km, I felt it was time to broach the subject of a real challenge for them.

When I first mentioned 10km as our sponsored event, it’s fair to say that there was a feeling that it may not be possible. 10km is a long way to run for any beginner, it’s around an hour to an hour and a quarter of running. That’s tough stuff. However, true to form, these ladies agreed to continue pushing their limits and putting aside fear they allowed me to nag them through more and more miles of training. Each week we have increased our distance, little by little, with a bit of speed work thrown in and we have now reached 5.5 miles. 10km is 6.2 miles, our goal is within reach. As well as our once a week group, the ladies have also had to find time to fit in 2 other runs per week, even on holiday…they’ve done treadmill running in the Canaries, beach running in Jersey, rainy running in Scotland to name a few.

On the 28th of September Gill, Maureen and Emma will be running around Draycote Water in the Run for Rotary 10km Race – it’s a challenging course, with hills, exposed, windy straights and it will be the furthest these ladies have run so far. Not only that but a week later on the 5th of October, Emma “Multi-tasker” Garrett is also going to take part in a Sprint Triathlon (400m swim, 15 miles cycle, 5km run). Please support them. Sponsorship for the races would be very gratefully received and having seen how hard they have worked to get to this point I know how much it will mean to them to receive that support from you:  And if you are a runner, why not show your support for them, and for the Primrose Unit by signing up for the race yourselves?

These ladies have run through frost, rain and baking heat, they have been a joy to run with and have never given up. They even allowed me to take a photo of them after running and agreed to it being made public.  Now, that’s dedication, but don’t they look fantastic?

Kate Barnard, Physiotherapist and BBW running club mentor.

Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

Halcyon YogaJacquelyn Cooper from Halcyon Yoga has recently been invited to write about how yoga and meditation are good for your health for inclusion in a book by Professor Rob Thomas, entitled “Lifestyle and Cancer – The Facts”. Professor Thomas is a consultant oncologist at the Primrose Unit at Bedford Hospital, whose Research and Education Fund is the year’s President’s charity and he recently spoke at the Bedfordshire BusinessWomen’s January network, “Here Come The Boys”.

Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and those who practice it today know its positive effects and how well it can make you feel.

Yoga is a complete system of practices which allows us to reconnect with our whole being via mindful movement. It is simple and effective and can be extremely enjoyable. The progressive and accessible practices facilitate the body to re-balance and rejuvenate. Continue reading