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Awards: equals recognition: equals growth

If you have been wondering whether to invest the time in filling in an awards application form then here are 5 very good reasons to get straight to it:

  1. It is a great way to reflect on how much you have achieved. Compiling evidence to fill in the application form is a great opportunity to review what has and hasn’t happened over the past few months, and to see if things have worked out to plan or taken a totally different path without you realising. We are always too busy to take time out of the business; spending half a day on an awards application is the perfect excuse to do just that and to gain some clarity on performance to date.
  2. You can get free publicity from the organisers. Most awards organisers will ask for your social media information – they will include your business in their social media schedule. You can also do the same and maximise on the free marketing.
  3. It is a great talking point. If you go to networking events, then this is something to talk about and helps fill those 60 seconds. Even if you don’t win, you can build up the excitement at meetings, which encourages others to speak to you too. People will also perceive you as being good at what you do – why else would you enter awards if you weren’t!
  4. People like to be associated with others who are successful. It is often said that success breed’s success and we would probably agree that we would prefer to be surrounded by successful people in order to try and catch the mood and luck! Association is powerful and relationships are key to our success.
  5. It will build your confidence. If nothing else, you will feel better in your own abilities by looking at what you have done, learnt and achieved. You will grow in confidence just by completing the process and if you get to the finals this will only increase.

As an award winner, I have been really grateful for the opportunity to express my passions, ethics and dreams and to share with others just what my business is about. I would encourage everyone to consider entering awards if they can, not only for the 5 reasons above, but to ensure you and your business gain the recognition you deserve.

By Jennie Bayliss, award winning owner of Office Wings and Bedfordshire BusinessWomen President

Nominations are now open for the Bedfordshire BusinessWomen Awards 2016 – complete an online nomination TODAY!

To 5k and Beyond

Written by Bedfordshire BusinessWomen member, Kate Barnard

Kate Barnard, Physiotherapist & Marathon Runner

Kate, post 2008 London Marathon

In January 2003 I ruptured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament which at the time seemed A Very Bad Thing Indeed. However, out of that, came my running and running has given me so many positive things that I realise now that it was A Very Good Thing Indeed. I started my running after a personal trainer at the gym suggested that I do a walk run programme on the treadmill. He showed me the 12 minute programme and off I went. 2 minutes walk, a minute jog (oh please, oh please, let it end), a minute walk (gasp, shuffle, cough), a minute jog(oh please, oh please….) etc. At the end of the 12 minute programme I was gently pleased I’d gotten through it, by the time I got to my car I had the well known “Runners High”. Symptoms include: Grinning at strangers, singing loudly to Take That and thinking longingly of the next awful minute of jogging. Continue reading