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Getting to know – Jessica Wills

In order to get to know the Bedfordshire BusinessWomen members better, we have been asking them 10 probing questions because it is always useful as business women to find out what biscuits they prefer, whether they are morning people, and who their ideal dinner guests are.

Jessica WillsThis month, ahead of her hotly anticipated singing workshop, we have been grilling Jessica Wills from Willing Voices.

  1. What is your favourite musical and why?
    West Side Story, it’s an amazing show which goes to such extremes of emotion. The songs are so perfectly written and the original film is sublime in every way and the more I find out about the production the more I love it. Slipper & The Rose also has a very special place in my heart for completely the opposite reasons, it’s a pink candy floss musical heaven. Can I also add My Fair Lady as well? Love it!
  2. Sausage or burger?
    Sausage with mash and onion gravy. Yum.
  3. What song do you enjoy singing most?
    Oh now that is a big one. “Habenera” from Carmen is pretty high up there as well as “Widmung” by Schumman, “Voce di donna” by Ponchiell and “Lamento” by Duparc.
  4. Red or white wine?
    Red all the way. A good bottle of Argentinian Malbec is hard to beat. But if there is bubbles involved I’m quite partial to a bottle of Prosecco.
  5. What was your first job?
    Singing in the church choir at weddings for which I got £1 age 8.
  6. Early bird or night owl?
    I am finding as I get older I’m far more of an early bird. I now get up and do a training session at 6.30am for heavens sake!
  7. What is your dream holiday destination?
    Lake Garda, I was an au pair there when I was 21 and it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.
  8. World Cup or Wimbledon?
    Wimbledon definitely. No contest.
  9. You can invite 6 famous people, dead or alive, to dinner – who would you choose and why?
    This is presuming my hubby is there too, there’d have to be 8 guests. Jane Austen for her wit and observations. Clare Balding, just love her, I love listening to her Radio 2 show on a Sunday morning and Ramblings on Radio 4. Dara O’Brien, funny & clever. Steve Backshall, yummy just yummy! Claudia Winkleman, because she is funny, clever and quirky. Robert Schumman because his life story fascinates me.
  10. Heels or flats?
    Heels for work, need them for performance mood. Flats at home, comfort all the way, Croc flip flops are the most comfortable things ever.

Bedfordshire BusinessWomen – July Event: ‘Because We’re Worth It!”

We live in an ever-changing, fast-paced world, where work is nearing a 24-hour commitment, especially when running your own business. Throw in family life and the running of your household, and it’s a wonder how we manage. For most of us the thought of taking a day out of the business is just not an option – but it might be just what’s needed.

Bedfordshire BusinessWomen (BBW) has decided to hold its July networking event in a more tranquil location at Wyboston Lakes. The aim of this event is for you to get the balance right; taking the time out of your busy and hectic schedule to work on your business rather than in your business, or to simply just relax.

We are often so concerned about being the best sales person we can be, winning new clients and that all important proposal and getting caught up in the day-to-day running of the business, that we overlook the strategy and planning. Reassessing your business and marketing plan is crucial to how your business grows and expands.

Use this event as an opportunity to analyse your business from a different perspective; bounce ideas off one another and share in each other’s experiences in a relaxing setting. It is truly amazing what you can get form just a chat. People looking at your business from the ‘outside’ often see things in a completely different light. You are sure to discover the key to moving your business to the next level.

This is set to be a brilliant event and you may find that it’s the ‘time out’ you’ve been in need of. Take the initiative and join us on 17th July at Wyboston Lakes from 8am until 10:30am. The cost is £20 for guests and you can simply register online.

Bedfordshire BusinessWomen and guests have also been given the opportunity to use the Y spa at Wyboston Lakes at a very special rate. You can unwind for 3 hours in the thermal spa for just £30 or you can ‘Escape for the day’ for just £47, which includes a 2 course lunch, use of the thermal spa and a treatment. If this is something that you are interested in you will need to book prior to the meeting, simply call 0333 7007 667 and quote “Beds Business Women” for this amazing offer.

For more information about Bedfordshire BusinessWomen or to book your place, please visit We look forward to meeting you!