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LinkedIn – I Am Now!

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Just over a year ago, I admit to having known absolutely nothing about LinkedIn. I knew it was a Facebook equivalent for business and had even received a few invitations to connect from friends, but never registered. Then, I set up my own business and knew I had to rectify the situation!

I spent some time working on my profile, in fact I still update it regularly now. I did the usual thing of trawling through my existing contacts and asking anyone and everyone to connect, without really thinking about why.

Then LinkedIn changed my work prospects, when I “connected” with an old colleague, whom I went on to meet for a coffee and that started the ball rolling. We started collaborating on projects together and a year on we are launching a new marketing agency in partnership!

I still use LinkedIn everyday and use it to connect with people I have met through work, but I am somewhat choosier as to whom I connect with these days. I have over 300 connections, which I know is perhaps feeble compared to some, but I would like to think they are quality connections. Apart from anything, it’s not the number of connections you have that counts, but rather what you do with them. I actively message those I feel I could help and pick up on conversations, where I can promote myself and my company.

I also run LinkedIn accounts for some of my clients, using it as a lead generation tool and reputation builder. With over 250 million users, LinkedIn is the largest networking group around, with the added bonus that you can network without leaving the house!

As a committee member of Bedfordshire BusinessWomen, the award-winning networking group for women in the county, I was pleased to see how pro-active we were on LinkedIn; posting interesting discussions, promoting events and more.

BBW are hosting a workshop all about LinkedIn and how to use effectively in May – for details check out the website but make sure you come along … LinkedIn can help improve your business and prospects, if used right. I will definitely be going to get some useful hints and tips, as there is a lot about LinkedIn I still don’t know. So I look forward to connecting with you all soon!

Miriam Drahmane – MD Marketing Consultancy

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March Network – Group Videos

As part of the March network, held at Basepoint Luton, the attendees were split into 4 groups and presented with a challenge by Carys & Jacqueline – produce a 60 second elevator pitch for one of 2 imaginary companies, Pink Plumbers or DIY Divas. Each group was given 15 minutes to create their pitch; these were then presented and most importantly, videoed!

Here are the very entertaining results…

Group 1

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