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Self Promotion is not Crucial (unless you want to get ahead!)

IMG_1762Amidst the Marston Moretaine Forest with the sun shining BBW held its November Monthly Network Meeting – Self Promotion is Not Crucial (unless you want to get ahead!)

Arriving at 8am I grabbed a much needed cup of tea in order that I could “get ahead!” and began to mingle.  What I immediately noticed since my last network meeting was as well as those members I did know, there were a number of people I didn’t know or recognise and I saw this as an opportunity for them and me to introduce and promote ourselves.

This month’s overall theme was awards and so our one minute pitches also included sharing an award that we had won and were most proud of.

It was great to hear the varying achievements (from lying to achieve the Brownies Home Maker badge, ladies I won’t divulge names, to completing marathons and winning business awards) amongst the 40 or so women gathered. What was also very interesting was how faced with this task a lot of us played down our award or said “I don’t think I have won an award…..”

To ensure we then did promote ourselves, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, Helen Nellis engaged with each one of us to share what she did every time she took a telephone call.

Helen explained that whatever we do, we must:

  • Be authentic;
  • Be consistent with our strategy/message;
  • Showcase our value – extrapolate our experience and share it with others
  • Engage with the person we are seeking to influence
  • Talk with authority; be graceful yet confident
  • Have faith in ourselves
  • Learn from failure and be courageous
  • Be disciplined and always have a “Plan B”

Therefore following in Helen’s footsteps, I won’t be apologetic or feel guilty in promoting my 26170e8session “Maximising your Future Potential” at the i-Kan on 4 December at 9.30am – you can book a place online following the link.  However, I will gracefully thank Emma Garrett, President of BBW for the opportunity to promote my workshop, myself and Jardine-White Consulting and I will “think big” and look forward to a sell-out session at the i-kan on December 4th.  The cost of the session is only £5 and this goes to the very worthy cause of The Primrose Research and Education Fund at Bedford Hospital which I am very pleased to support”. Best wishes Jacqueline.

BBW Member Workshop November 2013

Date: 6th November 2013
Speaker: Jacquelyn Cooper, Halcyon Yoga
Topic: Ever feel like you just need a little Breathing Space?

Guest post by Bedfordshire BusinessWomen Lifetime Member, Diane Butler from Collingwood Designs

It was with a very open mind that I went along to the i-Kan Centre for BBW’s monthly session. It was the first one that I had managed to get to and the topic – Ever feel like you just need a little Breathing Space? – had that certain appeal!

Jacquelyn, as ever, got it spot on, and showed us various ways of getting on the first rung of the ladder in meditation techniques. She dispelled a number of myths about meditation and showed us some surprisingly simple ways to begin. Two hours fled by, but by then she had shown us how some simple exercises – Body, Breathing and Mind (see, I remembered!) – can clear the mind and give us more energy and focus. You get out of it what you put in, in time and practice, and it is certainly something I plan to do from now on.

Jacquelyn is starting some Wednesday workshops in her studio on Meditation and if this is something that you want to do, you will not find a better teacher.

Thanks BBW and Jacquelyn – I have learned a lot today.


Jacquelyn’s website is and you can find her on facebook too!

October Network – Meet The Members

A view of the October network, Meet the Members from a new Bedfordshire BusinessWomen member, Jane Tait of Big Local App Bedford

There’s nothing quite like being put on the spot! Julie Bean very kindly asked me to write a blog about my experience of last Thursday’s BBW meeting at the Higgins Gallery. I’ve never even read a blog! Something I probably shouldn’t admit to. I apologise now, my writing skills are pretty terrible as I am rather dyslexic!

For those of you lucky enough to have been able to attend, I’m sure you’ll agree that the venue was a great success. Easy surroundings to network before and after. I liked the more informal arrangement of our seating plan too, for the speakers and 60 second pitches.
It is quite a daunting task wandering into a room full of women all engrossed in conversation, most of whom you assume already know each other. This was my first meeting as a fully fledged paying member! Having been to a couple of previous meetings I have always been made to feel very welcome, and not just left standing in the corner. Continue reading